Three Things Christians Should Learn From Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi  Kanu  is an indigene of Abia state who has decided to offer himself as a messiah and advocate to the freedom of the people of Biafra(South East Nigeria).  For any further explanation  click here

Nnamdi KanuThe Things Christians Should Learn From Nnamdi Kanu includes:


For someone to leave the beautiful city of London to a country like Nigeria is a crystal embodiment of humility. Kanu who is also from a royal family  left  his comfortable residence in London and set his abode in Nigeria just to fight for the freedom of his people . AS if that was not enough, he was also arrested, imprisoned for some months before facing trials in the court of law . In a legally inclined country, one must  plead guilty before being imprisoned. This is similar to what happened to Apostle  Paul, he was persecuted for the gospel which he believed.

Lesson: Humble yourself  in accordance with the scriptures. When you go to events, do not rush to the high-table. Wait till you are called upon. When you are in the church, forget your status,worship and associate with other people in the church.


According to Kanu, when he was in prison, billions of Naira offers were made to him so that he will compromise his believes(emancipation of Biafra). Offers that has the potency to make him and even his generations billionaires . But  Nnamdi refused to compromise his believe amidst of those billion naira offers. He never obliged to the government of Nigeria  to betray his people

Lesson: Christians should learn to hold on to their faith. Never sleep with your boss just because you want promotion in your job. Don’t betray God just because a young man promised you marriage. Don’t embezzle public  found. Be faithful in whatever you do.


Nnamdi Kanu after he was release from prison never stopped fighting for what he believes(the freedom of Biafra). HE never stopped doing what he was doing even after he was persecuted. He came out from prison and solidified his stronghold. It seems the prison even renewed his strength and made him more conscious of his believe.  Nnamdi Kanu when he came out of prison was proud for suffering for what he believes t this is similar to what apostle Paul did; Paul counted it all joy for suffering for the gospel  he believed.

Lesson: Never give up. A bad past does not mean a bad future. You started a new business and it seems it is not growing, keep on doing your best and success will come gradually. God promised you something and it has never come to pass, keep on believing.

Giving up means your strength is little, giving up means surrendering to the wills of your enemies, giving up is a betrayal to those you believed that you can succeed . Thomas Edison during his invention of electric lamp failed more than 1000 times. Your next trial may yield a positive result.  Just keep on doing it, be consistent and with time you will be competent. Consistence brings competence.  Never quit, never give up, never tag yourself a failure, never hate yourself and never stop believing yourself.

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