Rev Father Ebube Muonso Celebrates Six Years Of Priesthood

Rev one touchJust six years of priesthood and the achievements seems like that of thirty five years. This is the crystal embodiment of grace; surely the grace upon Rev father Ebube Muonso (aka one touch) is undeniable. His popular ministry Holy Ghost Adoration which is located at Uke in Anambra State is backed up with special Grace just like the ministry of the early Apostles. Rev father Ebube Muonso is continuously frustrating the kingdom of darkness through continuous liberation of the captives of dark kingdom, this has caused his ministry to grow at exponential rate because the ministry is fulfilling purpose( the main purpose of ministry is to liberate men from the captivity of the devil).

Virtually every residence of Anambra state and the whole South-Eastern Nigeria knows Rev Ebube Muonso and His ministry. Every Wednesday night is a night of signs and wonders in Holy Ghost Adoration Uke. Indeed God is powerful.
Six years of deciding to serve as a Priest
Six years of Service
Six years of power
Six years of setting the captives free
Six years of Priesthood. God is to be praised.

Have you being to Holy Ghost Adoration Uke? Share your experience here and let people know the woders of God wrought through his choice servant Rev father Ebube Muonso . Also write your felicitation article here and share this post till it gets to all of your friend.

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