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best campus fellowshipsIf you have being to the university you will discover that choosing a campus fellowship is not that easy, especially for those that their church has no fellowship in school. Your church might have a campus fellowship but you will be shocked to know that they do not have the same doctrine and dogma with your church. I have seen some fellowships with a doctrine that have a sharp different doctrine from their church.

I am a university student, I attended more than 10 fellowships in the university before seeing a fellowship that has the right bible doctrine

Warning!!!: Not all campus fellowship are established for God’s sake, some were are established out of greed and quest for leadership.  Students like to be leaders of fellowship and being addressed with Mamas and Papas.

There are more than 40 fellowships in virtually every university of Nigeria and Uniben  is not excluded. I have seen a condition where four fellowships worship in one hall at different time interval on Sundays. The first fellowship holds around 8AM-10:30AM, the second holds from 11AM-1:30PM, the third fellowship holds 2PM-4PM and the fourth fellowship holds somewhere around 4:30PM-6:30PM all on Sunday.

Remember I said there are more than 40 fellowships and selecting the right one is not such an easy task. I have made an explicit and concise list of the good campus fellowship to worship with. I would have published the days and time of activities of the various fellowship in this list respectively, but I won’t because it might vary from one university to the other. The list is as shown below

1 CASOR: Christ Ambassadors Student OutReach. It is a very nice place to fellowship, there is ample love and care in CASOR. It is a student fellowship of the Assemblies of God Church.

2 MFM:Mountain of Fire student fellowship. It is a good place of worship and you can trust their praying skills.

3 DLCF: Depper Life Campus Fellowship. Believe me it is a decent fellowship where you will be and never lust after the opposite sex while service is ongoing

4 RCF: Redeemed  Campus Fellowship. It is very  nice thing fellowshipping with RCF. It is very decent, spiritual and musically inclined. Also the student fellowship of the Redeemed Christian Church of God overseered  by Rev Enoch Adeboye.

5 TCF: The Redeemed Evangelical Mission Campus Fellowship. TCF is another wonderful place to be and a student fellowship of The Redeemed  Evangelical Mission pioneered by Bishop Mike Okonkwo.

6 SUCF: Scripture Union Campus Fellowship. It is a non-denominational fellowship

7 OFM: Omega Fire Campus Fellowship.  Grace!!!  Is the watchword of the members. It is a student fellowship  of Omega Fire Ministries Pioneered by Apostle Johnson Suleman  whom is known by “somebody shout fire…”

8 WCf: Winners Campus Fellowship. It is the student fellowship of Living Faith Terbanacle.  Every moment is lively in WCF

9 ASF: Anglican Student Fellowship. Every moment count in ASF

10 CU-NIFES: It is similar to Scripture Union in that it  not owned by any denomination. That is, it is a non-denominational fellowship.

11DOZA: Deliverence of Zion Assembly. No dull moment in DOZA

Is your fellowship in Campus good enough? if yes, write its name on the comment box  so that I will add it in the next upadte. Thanks as you comply and also use the share button.


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