Deadly Mistakes of Some Pastors

Wondered why some pastors are diseased and afflicted?  questioned why some are pitiably poor and wretched why others are magnificently and genuinely rich? Do not stop reading until you get the answers right.

The predicaments that has befallen some minister of the gospel is  a result of the deadly mistakes they make without even being watchful enough to observe it. Some of those deadly mistakes are as follows:

No payment of  Tithe

Some Christians think that once you become a pastor, you stop paying tithe and start praying for other Christians that adhere to this kingdom principle of tithing. The people you pray for will definitely be blessed with/without your prayer. God blesses every tither whether a pastor prays for them or not.tithing makes even pastors fruitful

One thing about God is that HE is a respecter of none. If you don’t pay your tithe, forget about the blessings of tithers; be you a pastor, bishop or Continue reading=>>>

Reasons Some Good Ladies Are Still Single

Have you ever seen a god-fearing lady that is old enough to be a mother yet single? Have you ever thought of the reasons? Have you ever asked yourself is God being unfair by not giving such ladies a husband while some way-world ladies are getting married frequently?

The dream of any god-fearing  single lady is to marry a good man and grow a king-like family which fears God. But some end up not actualizing the dream while some actualize it late due to common errors. The errors will be unveiled to you as you continue reading. It is also good you know  things to do before praying for the right husband

1 Discontentment

ladies reject discontentmentSome god-fearing ladies has become a consuming fire waiting for sacrifice to devour.  Whenever they see a brother(man) they become hungry and expectant; whenever they meet a brother in a eatery or shopping complex they will feel like buying everything in the eatery because they expect the brother to foot the bills. Some will take three cups of ice cream and still add other things which they know they would not have taken if they were to make payments, why would you order for a chicken laps and turkey laps just becauseContinue reading=>>>

Reasons Some Men Do Not Love Their Wives

no love for their wivesThe issue of non-existence of love in marriage is going viral in this generation for reasons not yet known. Even some good christian men do not love their wives but cannot say it probably because of their esteem in church.The above is undoubtedly true.

Ladies read this things you must do before you pray for the right husband  before reading the current post.

The reasons some men do not love their wives include:


You still remember how Jacob served Laban for 7-years so that Racheal would be given to him as wife? (Genesis 29:18-28) and after serving was given Leah in disguise during night hour?. Jacob later served another 7-years and  got Racheal as wife. After everything he loved Leah less because of the deception?Continue reading=>>>

Before You Pray For The Right Husband

what to do before praying for the right husband

The dream of every good girl is to match to the altar,putting on a white robe(wedding gown) with a glittering face, smiles and expression of joy with the ashebis accompanying her.Then wait for her groom which she believes is the right husband and will be the love of her life to joyfully dance to the altar forContinue reading=>>>