Some people even after attending  a particular church for a good number of years are still shy in one way  or the other. It is funny right? but it is very true. Even some church brought up are still shy in the church.

The three reasons are as follows:

They Dress Odd

Have you ever gone to a an event with enthusiasm and on arriving the venue became timid and ashamed of yourself? well you are not alone, it has happened to virtually everybody. I guess you know the reason; it is because the person observed that there is a dress code for the event which he/she did not comply with, you guessed right?. Just imagine how you feel when you attend  an event where everyone is putting on red and you are on blue, you  will just feel like running away  and this might make you shy even if you stay… lol. This also happens in the church.

Also some ladies who do not make good use of their mirror could arrive in the church to discover that their make- up or their color combination is odd.

They Think People Are Looking at Them

The above reason also makes some people shy in the church, infact more than 40% of people shy in the church is because of this reason. Even  in the hit of music and atmosphere of ecstasy in the church, some shy will not dance while some can even go to the extent of sitting down even as the church is expressing their joy in the lord. Do you know the funny thing? Nobody is even looking at them….lol.

If you are a culprit of the above, just know that people are looking unto God and dancing away their problem if any. Meaning they are not looking at you.

No Money

You might be asking how true is it, it is very true and mostly seen in new generation churches. Some people when they do not have a good amount of money will start feeling shy especially when the pastor announces offering time and the members echo investment time.

Some members in this category might secure a sit at the back while some that does not love God enough might even go to the extent of not coming to church.

Please note that you are giving to God and not men.

If you think there is any other reason kindly use the comment box and also share this link to friends to help them overcome


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