The Dangers of Concubines

Concubines which is famously known as side-chick by Nigerians are women/ladies which a married man entangles with  romantically without the concept of his legally married wife.

Some religious men have wives and concubines and still claim to be adherent Christians because they see having concubines normal.  In most cases, their certified wives are far more beautiful than the concubines.

In this post we will be unveiling the dangers of concubines so that you would never engage yourself in such abominable act when married. We all know it is very hard to end something of such nature when started.

The dangers of concubines being discussed in this series are

concubines killsDeath


Family Hatred

It will be further  explained accordingly.


Have you gone to a wedding ceremony before? Do you remember that solemn vow couples take in the God’s altar? I guess you remember but let me quickly refresh your memory on it:

I will take you alone as my lovely wife, in health, in sickness, in poverty, in wealth and riches. All I have is yours and everything in my bank account belongs to you forever. Till death do us apart.

You are very familiar with that vow right?

Now breaking this vow vowed on the altar of God is an open invite to death. If you start having concubines while married, you are already contradicting the vow by loving foreign woman in contrast to what you vowed “I will take you alone as my lovely wife”. This mean are tearing apart and death might just take is cause since you vowed “till death do us apart”.

It is good you never start having concubines when married because you might not get rid of it once involved; You know the story of King Solomon.


Have you watched in a movie where a promiscuous man makes call when the wife is around? Some will wake up in the middle of the night and tip-toe to the toilet or somewhere that their wives would not see/hear them just because of  one foolish Delilah. some will lower their voice and talk to the family destroying concubine. Fear never existed until sin started existing according to the book of Genesis. If you are afraid of what you are doing, it means you already know it is sinful; why would you be afraid in your own house? no concubine worth making you fear your own wife. The Bible has a solution for this which is:

let him that nameth the name of the LORD, depart from iniquity.

As a Christian Single, register it in your heart that it is not good to be involved in such ungodly acts of concubines; never choose to end up like Solomon.

The beautiful woman you will  take to the altar remains the same person if you can groom her appropriately.

Family Hatred

Having concubines means you flirt and most people that flirt hardly provides enough for their family; they don’t because they share their resource between their families and concubines.

Imagine if your future children notice you do not take ample care of them due to promiscuity, they might develop are kind of hatred that it takes only grace to change. This will make you live your old age in sorrows.

Note: Protect the future of your future children to help you protect your future.

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