Sure Ways To Make Money And Become Rich

Everyone on earth wishes to become rich and wealthy, everyone desires affluence but not everybody will be rich. And of-course God wishes that you become rich. Riches will never overtake someone without adequate preparation but poverty and wretchedness never need an invite before visiting and overtaking a man. No wonder this popular proverb:

A little sleep, a little slumber. A little folding of hands to rest, Then your poverty will come as a robber.

Armed robbers do not need your invite before coming to rob, That is how poverty does not need your invite before coming. But you can intentionally avoid poverty. You can smart-work yourself into affluence and wealth. Remember that know prayer can make you rich_if you doubt ask prayer warriors or band.You reading this article means you wish to become rich, after reading this article you will know how to launch yourself into perpetual life time riches through the vital keys you will read soon_I can guaranty that.

1 Discover Your Passion

what do you like doing even without payment? what type of program do you like watching, what type of events you wish never to miss? what type of book do you enjoy reading?

The right answers to the above question enshrines your passion, as long as you do it happily. If it is possible write the answers to the above question and give a proper analysis.

2 Develop Yourself

I assume that you already have the answer to the above passion-question.

Assuming what you like doing is dressing people, always discussion latest attire and you are the type that looks analytically to every nice outfit someone wears, it means you passion is fashion design. You have to learn fashion design from a competent fashion designer and you are already on your way to riches.

Assuming what you like doing is cooking, making snacks, preparing fruit drinks and other related things. It means your passion is catering. Go to a competent caterer and acquire some skills_ Never look down on any field, you can become rich if you are competent.

Assuming your passion is writing stories, quotes and other types of articles, just start a blog and monetize it in the appropriate time. If it is music join church choir and music crew for a start.

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You should develop yourself because the world is too busy to acknowledge or even patrionize and incompetent fellow. No wonder the quote:

seeth thou a man diligent in his work, he will stand before kings and not mean men

If you don’t develop yourself and press towards excellent, you will never be rich. Thinking is also a part of development.

GTbank came out with an amazing blue print and conquered  the already dense banking-sphere in Nigeria. Good is Good Motors also came out with wonderful ideas and now GIGM is known all over Nigeria.

Before you sleep, think of unusual strategies you can incorporate in your business and then conquer your world.

3 Patience

You have to recognize the fact that nothing is very lucrative at the start, when coca-cola started, they sold very few bottle every year but now coca-cola sells millions of bottles of coca-cola drinks every year. Patience truly is virtue. You have to be patient if you really want to become rich, this is why you must work on what you are  passionate about. If you are working outside passion, you might loose patience.

4 Give Your Best 

when a client/customer contracts you to do anything, do it with all your heart even if the payment is not reasonable. It is better you reject the work than executing it inappropriately.

Also if you are into selling of goods, whenever a customer comes always smile and don’t shout or ignore him/her even when he/she bargain so much.

5 Charity Work

Given is not only done in the church. You can donate to orphanage home, donate to the less privileged, donate to prisons, donate to that poor/hungry  neighbor. Donate to everyone that needs help according to your capacity. You can even donate to some poor countries if you are able. Giving opens doors of riches.

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