Singles At 35 Are NOT Irresponsible What Pastor David Ibiyeomie Actually Said

Pastor david Ibiyeomie is the senior pastor of Salvation Ministry with headquarters Porthacourt, Rivers state Nigeria. It is a ministry in which miracle, signs and wonders are not uncommon.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie

There is an ongoing slander incited by  Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere whom is the senior pastor of Omega Power Ministry and based in Portharcourt. This slander is a misinterpretation of what Pastor David Ibiyeomie said concerning men that are still single at 35. The news projected by media is wrong and was never what Pastor David said. We all know how media can paint something black just to get attention; Their livelihood is news-casting, so they(media) can do anything possible to get clients and attention. And the hunger to publish has turned media into a danger zone because they rarely verify the veracity of an info before publishing.

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What Pastor David Ibiyeomie atually said:

”At 37 you are still doing boyo, dey put(sag) your trousers for waist, thinking ladies would die for you; die for you at 37? You are irresponsible, carry a wife and become responsible. How can a full fledged man in his 30s still be doing small boy saying_ All these girls I dont know which one to marry, you are irresponsible. Get a wife and become responsible”.

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