Reasons Some Men Do Not Love Their Wives

no love for their wivesThe issue of non-existence of love in marriage is going viral in this generation for reasons not yet known. Even some good christian men do not love their wives but cannot say it probably because of their esteem in church.The above is undoubtedly true.

Ladies read this things you must do before you pray for the right husband  before reading the current post.

The reasons some men do not love their wives include:


You still remember how Jacob served Laban for 7-years so that Racheal would be given to him as wife? (Genesis 29:18-28) and after serving was given Leah in disguise during night hour?. Jacob later served another 7-years and  got Racheal as wife. After everything he loved Leah less because of the deception?

Now relating this scenario to today’s world, some ladies wear artificial bosoms, extrabodies,  blue eyes and even artificial figure-8 lol. This attracts some christian men that goes after the container(physical look). Some of those men probably get married to those artificial ladies based on what they see only to discover that those figure-8, blue eyeball and bosoms were never real. This causes some of those victimized men to lack love for their wives. Imagine you bought tom-tom only to open it and see milkose, what would be tour reaction?

It is advisable for men not to go after physique because we are in technology age and virtually everything is possible

Change In The Wife’s Side

Some ladies think that once you are marries, you start dressing like a granny which is bad. I have seen some ladies which during their single-hood, were dressing wonderfully and always kept their hair. But just about 6-months of marriage, some started dressing appalling not because of money. The question now is: were those ladies dressing good just to get married?

To the ladies, even when married keep on dressing your best. Don’t make yourself look like your husbands grandmother because of bad dressing. Never think you are too busy to care about yourself and never think marriage is an avenue to dress anyhow. Dressing good might cause your husband to love you more; No man loves a mad woman not because she is not beautiful but because she look unkempt.

Financial Increase

There is this saying give a “man money or power and you will see his real being”. It has being observed time immemorial that when some men experience abundance, they start having less love for their wives, some would start seeing their wives unworthy. It is good to note that any lady that suffered with you is also worthy to enjoy abundance with you.

This happened also in the life of king Solomon who was the wisest king of Israel. when God blessed Solomon in silver, gold, livestock and other good things, Solomon started keeping concubines aside his three hundred wives. What would make a man marry another wife is insufficient love for the already married wife. King Solomon regretted his action at the end.

In conclusion,this post is mainly published for christian singles to help them prepare their mind before marriage. No soldier trains in the battle fieldYour single-hood is the best time to learn.

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