Reasons Some Good Ladies Are Still Single

Have you ever seen a god-fearing lady that is old enough to be a mother yet single? Have you ever thought of the reasons? Have you ever asked yourself is God being unfair by not giving such ladies a husband while some way-world ladies are getting married frequently?

The dream of any god-fearing  single lady is to marry a good man and grow a king-like family which fears God. But some end up not actualizing the dream while some actualize it late due to common errors. The errors will be unveiled to you as you continue reading. It is also good you know  things to do before praying for the right husband

1 Discontentment

ladies reject discontentmentSome god-fearing ladies has become a consuming fire waiting for sacrifice to devour.  Whenever they see a brother(man) they become hungry and expectant; whenever they meet a brother in a eatery or shopping complex they will feel like buying everything in the eatery because they expect the brother to foot the bills. Some will take three cups of ice cream and still add other things which they know they would not have taken if they were to make payments, why would you order for a chicken laps and turkey laps just because you wont pay(what is the difference between chicken and turkey laps?).

Please when doing all those things, know that records are being taken by those brothers. No wonder Apostle Paul wrote

1Timothy 6:6 Godliness and contentment is of great gain



After making  brothers see you as a burden you think they will still come and marry you? they might even dread being in courtship with you. It is God’s will that you marry but God cannot force any man to marry you

Advise to ladies: Anything you cannot buy for yourself, never impose it on any guy. Contentment is of great gain

2 Engagement Ring

deception ring in disguise for singlesCan a sensible human go to a goods seller and tell the seller to keep a goods for him/her  when him/she has not paid? The seller might keep it temporary but sells it once a serious buyer comes. This is what engagement ring portrays.

Why would you accept an engagement ring from a man that doesn’t even know your parents talk-more of paying dowry?  Why would you tag yourself “keep off” just because of a ring and make other serious suitors see you as taken?  why would you in all your God given glory wear a deceptive ring in disguise? engagement ring makes you buried in the hearts of other brothers.

The funny part is that the brother that blindfolded you with a ring(not even more than N3000) does not wear any form of engagement ring.

Advice: Stop wearing any engagement ring and you will see wonders.

This  post does not in any means express that wearing an engagement ring is sin

3 Long courtship

singles no long courtshipHow would you as a god-fearing lady be courtship for over two years, do you that you will be over two years older if by peradventure the courtship does not lead to marriage.

What are you testing, comparability? How can a god-fearing sister and brother be testing for compatibility, why not ask God who omni-knowesth(who knows everything). If you must test for compatibility, 3-months is enough. It is good you understand than no two persons are 100% compatible, that why siblings born by the same mother misunderstand each other sometimes. Any courtship that last even two months shows that compatibility exists.

Advice: Please any man that courts you for three months is not yet convinced to pay your dowry, quit the courtship for your own good. No young man will like to marry an old lady.

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