Before You Pray For The Right Husband

what to do before praying for the right husband

The dream of every good girl is to match to the altar,putting on a white robe(wedding gown) with a glittering face, smiles and expression of joy with the ashebis accompanying her.Then wait for her groom which she believes is the right husband and will be the love of her life to joyfully dance to the altar for the holy matrimony. The sweetest part of the vow exchange being Yes I do. I don’t know why some ladies cry in just saying that. Is marriage not good?

Oh how sweet the above sounds. I pray you get the right man; God also wants you to experience good marriage and HIS will never changes.

There are things to do before you pray for the right husband. Else God might not answer your prayer.

Become The Right Person

Right is relative and not absolute, the type of man you term right, might not be the right man to another lady.Some ladies view dark men as right while other don’t. If you wish to marry a very rich, man build you empire and start becoming rich; a rich man might marry a non-rich lady in some occasions. If you want to marry a gospel musician, start by joining church choir. If you want to marry a pastor, become serious in church activities. If you want to marry a medical doctor, it is advisable you join a medical line. The seed of a tree hardly falls too far from the tree. If the right husband marries the wrong wife, he becomes the wrong husband.

Learn How To Cook

If you still cook in your parent’s house, and the small food you cook last up-to one week, it is already a prophecy that you don’t how to cook. Please humble yourself and re-learn from your mum or siblings or even friends. Imagine if a suitor comes and eat your food just to end up in the toilet, what do you think he will do? You might food him(the right husband) poison him if he takes you into marriage. Don’t think she will learn in her husband’s house cause no soldier learns in the battle field

It is absurd that some ladies favorite food are the likes of indomie, pizza, hamburger and other junk foods. Please never tell a man such are your favorite food or you might end up in twenty one days fasting and prayer


Would you advice your brother to marry a lady that has same character with you?, would your mum allow your brother marry your kind of person? would your best friend recommend you to a man looking for a good wife? would your pastor recommend you as a wife material to a young pastor?

If you are the type of lady that quarrels every time, please amend your character. If you board a bus, greet the passengers.Anyway you are always behave well because you don’t know where the right man would come from. If this is not done, you become a thorn to the right husband.

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