Man Kissed Woman In The Church

  • Everyone knows the Church as the sacred place of worship of  Christians and there are things that make a sacred place sacred. In sacred places, some acts that appears like indiscipline act are not permitted and might cause suspension or might even call for cleansing depending on the particular religion. But in Christianity, cleansing is not performed. This post does not express that a crime was committed.

It all happened in a church(which I prefer not to disclose the name to avoid criticism) on a Sunday service tagged mother’s Sunday. The women took over after the pastor in charge officially handed over to mothers to display what they have practiced in a bid to celebrate that particular Sunday dedicated to mothers. We know how women like activities and celebrations, almost every woman participated in one way or the other: some mothers gave special song, some mothers recited  Bible verses off, some mothers display their skills  while some mothers display some other things that thrilled the guests and members of the church. Virtually every mother participated full time in that very mother’s Sunday  and it was never a dull moment, of-course women are always on point.

The draw your sword(fastest person to open a verse of the Bible) passed, everyone was still amazed on such nice drama; then some special presentation from grand mothers which even make the guest and members more excited. Every presentation on that very day was so wow.

Bible challenge(quoting verses of the Bible off hand without mistake and delay) time came. This series was where the kiss happened. About five young mothers came out prepared for the Bible challenge and were looking very smart and beautiful.The challenge began, up-to five minutes no one was willing to quit(I marvel how such busy mothers know much Bible verses while some youths know just Facebook and whatsapp). Close to 10 minutes one mother was evicted and not up-to 3-minutes another was evicted. Some minutes later, only two champions were remaining but one champion must emerge, the challenge became interesting like never before. After some minutes, one misquoted a verse of the Bible and that was the end for her. The final champion emerged whom   her husband ran to and kissed her romantically .


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