Scandal Free christian leaders

Scandal has become common in the sphere of christian leaders of today not because they are really guilty, but because the are careless and loose. Some are guilty while some are 100% innocent: there are some smoke without fire. If you doubt it then study how Naboth was killed.

The crucial ways to avoid scandals are:

Pray Always

One thing about prayer is that the more you pray, the lesser prone you are to sin.The more you pray the more you see sin as a crime and an act of foolishness. Whenever a man prays, he edifies himself(Jude 1:7), his spirit grows and if he continues praying, the spirit man will exercise dominion and authority over his flesh.This is a quick notice to sinful desire.Pray always and see how you will start fleeing from all appearance of evil subconsciously, this will help avoid scandal of any form.

Be Careful

Just like i wrote previously on this post, some christian leaders and pastors being scandalized are hundred percent innocent of what they are being accused of.But they became a victim of scandal because of carelessness.

Any church matter(visitation and counselling) should take place in the church and not your house. Do not visit a female member(she might try to set you up) without some other church members even if she claims to be sick and giving up.God is the healer and not you.  Also publicly announce that you do not entertain female visitors especially if you are single young pastor  to visit alone

Also if you walk with entourage, minimize the number of females involved.

Involve Your wife

This is where some christian leaders go wrong.Your wife is your helper allow her help you.Make her know whatever you intend to do especially if another lady is involved

Whenever you feel like helping another lady even if God convinced you to, tell your wife about it. If you want to transfer money to a a woman/lady, use your wife account if possible

In doing all these things, you will be less prone to scandal

If there are other ways not listed, please write it on the comment box and also share this link to help our leaders overcome

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