The Grave Mistake Of Nnamdi Kanu

IPOB members bowing to Nnamdi KanuI published a little biography about   Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in my previous post. The agenda of Nnamdi Kanu is good and every good person must commend his patriotic work. Indeed the love of Biafra is evident in his work and persecutions.People wish to elevate from glory to glory just Kanu’s is from prison to prison for the sake of Biafra. Once again I salute the patriotism for Biafra.

Nobody is above mistake except God, humans make mistake invariably. Nnamdi Azikiwe had his own mistakes, Nelson Mandela had his own, Gaddafi of Libya had his own and Nmadi Kanu of Biafra is not excluded; he has his own mistake and of course he is human. Only Jesus Christ has no mistakes because he is not a man.

I believe publishing this article will help the leader of the Sovereign Republic of Biafra  realize his mistakes and take actions towards it.

A proverb said  Give instruction to a wise man and he will yet be wiser: teach a just man and he will increase in learning. Reprove a wise man and he will love thee.

Is  Nnamdi kanu wise? Yes ofcourse and he will not refrain the counsel of the wise or their corrections.

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Upto this point you will be optimistic about the grave mistake the director of the great Republic of Biafra makes. It is obvious and manifest in the image shown above if you behold with critique. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  has allowed people bow down and accord worship to him, don’t blame the people; people wanted to worship apostle Paul in after he demonstrated the power of God, but Paul prevented them. This means people tend to worship human if they see outstanding qualities in him.

The leader of the Soveriengn Republic of Biafra must accept the fact that only God deserves worship, he must  rebuff people from bowing down religiously to him. He must reverence God so that god will not rise against him and the Great Republic of Biafra.

May God help Biafra, may the will of God concerning Biafra come to pass. May peace and unity dwell richly in us. If you love Biafra, share this post till it gets to every Biafran   and even her director. Also like my facebook page thanks as you do so

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