Five Rules That Will Make Your Husband Stop Beating You

Every lady prays/wishes to marry a good husband that will neither beat nor cheat them, nevertheless some will marry bad husband and wife quarrelinghusbands. Even some christian ladies will end up marrying bad husband not because God doesn’t love them but because they lack sufficient wisdom. This alone can make wolves camouflaged as sheeps deceive those christian ladies into marriage. You know what happens next.


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Perhaps your husband/future-husband will use you to learn kungfu; you don’t wish so, right?  Atimes what people never wished happens to them. No man wishes to be poor but out there lies poor masses.

Nothwithstanding, every problem has a solution. This blog DIGTHEWORD was established out of the vision to proffer solution to all Christian related problems. You can make your husband willingly stop beating you through these five rules in this post you are reading. The five rules are as below:

1 Smile

Have you ever slapped someone and he/she started smiling? If yes, you observed that you felt ashamed and the desire to fight vanishes. You felt like apologizing but perhaps pride couldn’t allow you. Same applies to couples, if your husband slaps you and you as a good wife starts smiling, he will be ashamed and will not beat you further. Do you see how you can avoid further bruises with just a smile? It is not an easy task though, but you have yo do it for your own good.

2 Calm Down

While your husband is beating you, do not react or shout. Please don’t behave as if you are ready for a fight, you might loose your eye. Calming down will make him desist from beating you. No one beats a sleeping dog

3 Tell Him You Love Him

If you can smile and say “Honey, I love You” when your husband is beating you, it will weaken his bones and marrows even his spirit. He will stop instantly

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4 Leave The Room

If you try solution 1, 2 and 3 but he couldn’t stop. Please save your health by leaving the room. Return in few hours when he must have calmed down. Anger goes off with Time. Please never carry your bag while leaving, it is a crime in some traditions and certain rites must be performed by the woman when she intends coming back. Leave your bag in his house.

5 Report To Your Church Leader

Most Christian mean listen to advice of their pastor even in marriage issues. This is why it is good husband and wife attend the same church, it is also the reason a christian lady should marry a christian guy. The church will call both of you and give you crucial counsel.

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