Deadly Mistakes of Some Pastors

Wondered why some pastors are diseased and afflicted?  questioned why some are pitiably poor and wretched why others are magnificently and genuinely rich? Do not stop reading until you get the answers right.

The predicaments that has befallen some minister of the gospel is  a result of the deadly mistakes they make without even being watchful enough to observe it. Some of those deadly mistakes are as follows:

No payment of  Tithe

Some Christians think that once you become a pastor, you stop paying tithe and start praying for other Christians that adhere to this kingdom principle of tithing. The people you pray for will definitely be blessed with/without your prayer. God blesses every tither whether a pastor prays for them or not.tithing makes even pastors fruitful

One thing about God is that HE is a respecter of none. If you don’t pay your tithe, forget about the blessings of tithers; be you a pastor, bishop or archbishop.And you know what that means_outrageous poverty and hardship. The blessings of paying tither  is seen in Malachi 3:10

Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that may be meat in my house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out blessings, that there shall not be room enough  to receive it.

Did you understand the last phrase of that scripture_there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Can you now see why some pastors are living in much abundance ?

Some Don’t Join in Worship

Some pastors during the hour of worship, will be in their office doing what they might think demands more attention_Nothing demands more attention than worshiping God and that is the reason you do go to the church

Even apostle  Peter and John went to the temple during the hour of prayer(worship), being the ninth hour. They healed the lame man at gate beautiful which is the gate of the temple Acts 3


Maybe you are the type of minister that criticize other ministers that operates in the prophetic and the miraculous. You have phd in criticism. Remember Bible says “test the spirit” not “criticize the man

Are you the type that ridicule other ministers because they are not good teachers of the word? why not pray for them?

Are you the type of pastor that become suspicious and jealous when God blesses another financially? or even start criticizing him of stealing church fund?

Finally are you the type that accuse and criticize the likes of Bishop David Oyedepo of buying private jets with church tithe and offerings? Are you the owner of the money?

Whatever you criticize will never get to you. If you can not change the attitude of criticizing the rich, get ready to die poor

It is advisable as a pastor, that you avoid scandals so that others will not see any good reason to criticize you.

Nonchalant Attitude

Some ministers during the course of other pastor’s ministration will never pay attention but will entreat people to yield maximum attention during their own ministration.

Remember God is watching you and God will reward everyone according to his work.

Competitive Spirit

You see another pastor’s ministry growing, never start comparing yourself with him. Rather thank God for  the grace upon his life. 

Do not build a church auditorium because the other pastor did. Example, you heard a church built an auditorium of 3000 capacity, you start planing to build 3000+ capacity with the mindset that you want your church building bigger than the other pastor’s church building. Christians are to complete each other, stop competition.

This  spirit of competition has also made some  gospel artistes carnal.

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