Should Christian Women Wear Gold Diamond And Silver? — 2 Comments

  1. When a women wears gold jewelry it draws attention away from her inner beauty and captivates the others with externals.. Also, when a woman is wearing costly jewelry it is a stumbling block of others that dont have those things..

    If a women wearing gold and diamonds serves the poor how will they think? Her diamond could feed my kids for a year! ad when a woman wears flashy bling it send the message that we need extra ornaments to make us look better, we are not complete without them…

    I dont think God likes us less or cant use us if we have pearl earrings and a fancy gold watch, but, i ask a question… Why? Why do you need such things? Its a heart issue.. Why be a stumbling block AT ALL? why not give up the earthly treasure and just be pure for HIM? I do not look down on my sisters that adorn themselves outwardly.. But i choose to dress modestly and humbly.

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