Should Christian Ladies Contest In Beauty Peagent

Everyone knows the meaning of beauty peagent but perhaps you need of refreshment of memory on it. A beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants according to Wikipediapeagent

A beauty contest requires that contestants attain a minimum beauty on scale before they become eligible to contest. The scale includes slim, relatively tall and somehow flat tommy. The flagship of this post is not to discuss or elaborate the idea of modeling but to ascertain if Christian ladies should mode.

Lets look on some critical nature of modeling and then lay conclusion on the bone of contention.

1 Fashion

You must have watched “miss Nigeria” contest , did you observe anything about their fashion, the kind of clothe they wear? They wear underwear and nicknamed it bikini(bikini is meant to be worn in only swimming pools). Perhaps you have watched other similar contests, their mode of dressing is a crystal embodiment of indecency. Virtually all modeling firm set indecency as a benchmark that qualifies willing contestants.  Wearing underwear on camera is a pure act of indecency and should be a criminal act in a sane environment.

No man would like to see his wife appear on camera putting on bikini; even the chairman of such modeling/beauty firm would never wish to see his daughter appear indecent on camera talk-more of the wife. Have you ever seen the daughter or wife of the CEO of beauty peagentry  firms contest? It is not that they don’t like money but it is because they never want to even imagine seeing their loved one do such.

2 Sexual Acts

You might ask how sure is that; Do contestants really do such indulgence? Yes they do!  Only an insane human will publicize his/her privacy and expect people to keep off. Wherever Sugar is exposed, ant is inevitable. Business men publicize their goods so that people can patronize and make them rich, you can not publicize what should be private and still expect privacy. One of the major ways in which people identify harlots is their mode of dressing. You cannot dress like harlot and expect men not to play harlotry with you. Whoever breaks the edge, serpent must surely bite. These contestants have abused the purpose of clothes which is to cover nakedness; when ever purpose is neglected/forgotten, abuse is inevitable. All the preceding quotes is just to express that the concerned contestants has overridden the purpose of dressing and surely their nakedness must be abused.

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3 Broken Homes

One of the visions that birthed this blog is to heal broken homes through internet and other communication majors. Ask any man how he feels when his wife or daughter appears on the camera almost unclad. The answer to this question is the  reason while divorce is like just a breath in nollywwod industry. It is the reason actress seldom cultivate a home of solace. some actresses are mature enough to marry but are still single

Let me stress again that even the CEO of modeling/beauty-peagent  firm wont like to see her daughter contest even if she is very beautiful, not because he does not like money but because he values his daughter more than the money involved.

Solution: Christians should team up and establish a well groomed modeling firm. It is not bad if we have our own “Miss Nigeria”

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