Deadly Mistakes of Some Pastors

Wondered why some pastors are diseased and afflicted?  questioned why some are pitiably poor and wretched why others are magnificently and genuinely rich? Do not stop reading until you get the answers right.

The predicaments that has befallen some minister of the gospel is  a result of the deadly mistakes they make without even being watchful enough to observe it. Some of those deadly mistakes are as follows:

No payment of  Tithe

Some Christians think that once you become a pastor, you stop paying tithe and start praying for other Christians that adhere to this kingdom principle of tithing. The people you pray for will definitely be blessed with/without your prayer. God blesses every tither whether a pastor prays for them or not.tithing makes even pastors fruitful

One thing about God is that HE is a respecter of none. If you don’t pay your tithe, forget about the blessings of tithers; be you a pastor, bishop or Continue reading=>>>