Prophet T.B Joshua Storms Paraguay

Paraguay is highly favoured and grace has found her. The senior prophet TB Joshua will come to Paraguay for a life-changing crusade  starting from 11-12 of August, Paraguayans this is the kind of encounter you dare not miss, it is one of a kind you must not miss. The atmosphere willContinue reading=>>>

Sure Ways To Make Money And Become Rich

Everyone on earth wishes to become rich and wealthy, everyone desires affluence but not everybody will be rich. And of-course God wishes that you become rich. Riches will never overtake someone without adequate preparation but poverty and wretchedness never need an invite before visiting and overtaking a man. No wonder this popular proverb:

A little sleep, a little slumber. A little folding of hands to rest, Then your poverty will come as a robber.

Armed robbers do not need your invite before coming to rob, That is how poverty does not need your invite before coming. But you can intentionally avoid poverty. You can smart-work yourself into affluence and wealth. Remember that know prayer can make you rich_if you doubt ask prayer warriors or band.You reading this article means you wish to become rich, after reading this article you will know how to launch yourself into perpetual life time riches through the vital keys you will read soon_I can guaranty that.Continue reading=>>>

Man Kissed Woman In The Church

  • Everyone knows the Church as the sacred place of worship of  Christians and there are things that make a sacred place sacred. In sacred places, some acts that appears like indiscipline act are not permitted and might cause suspension or might even call for cleansing depending on the particular religion. But in Christianity, cleansing is not performed. This post does not express that a crime was committed.

It all happened in a church(whichContinue reading=>>>

The Dangers of Concubines

Concubines which is famously known as side-chick by Nigerians are women/ladies which a married man entangles with  romantically without the concept of his legally married wife.

Some religious men have wives and concubines and still claim to be adherent Christians becauseContinue reading=>>>