• There is an ongoing trend in the sphere of gospel artistes which is very bad but has become normal in the eyes of people  even the artistes themselves . That trend is what we will be explicitly looking at subsequently .

Who is a gospel artiste?  A gospel artiste is someone chosen by Grace to write and sing new songs through divine knowledge and direction ( just like the Psalmist) for the essence of praising God and encouragement of the body of Christ. Gospel artistes include Solution Okafor, Sinachi, Nathaniel Bassey, Frank Edward, Elijah and others.

The three mistakes some gospel artistes(especially the famous ones) make  are as follows:

THEY(gospel artistes) DEMAND FOR MONEY

Some gospel artistes as seen in Nigeria charge huge amount which must be paid in their respective account before they minister in a crusade, revival and other kingdom activities. Some gospel artistes will even go to the extent of charging without mercy such an huge amount the organizers cannot afford thereby making the organizers to be of less interest or forget hosting them(gospel artistes). The scripture emphasized in James 1:17  Every good gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom can be no variation neither shadow that is cast by turning.    Jesus also told the disciple: freely you have received freely give. After your ministration, there is no how the organizers will let you go but even if they do, God is faithful and does not forget. Please if your are among this category, it is not late to amend your ways.


There is a popular saying that pride goes before destruction. This is what some pride artistes fail to recognize and will definitely fall with time if actions are not taken, some do not even know they have pride issues. Any artiste that comes late frequently in a program is a victim of pride. He/she comes late so that virtually everybody will see his/her shoe, clothes and expensive jewelries .Please if you are in this category, start retracing your steps and stop being carnally minded. God is always willing to help.


Have you ever heard some songs and became angry?  or have you heard some songs and asked yourself if the singer listened to himself? That is because the composer had a competitive spirit. Competitive spirit is not needed in kingdom affairs. Some artistes will see that co-artiste released an album and will quickly compose a carnal album as if it is competition. Gospel artistes are meant to complement each other not for competing.


If you think there  are other mistakes not posted here please write it in the comment box and kindly share the link with any gospel artiste you know even the upcoming artiste.





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