Digtheword is a blog started out of vision to heal the world, broken marriages,homes,families,ministries,relationships and lives.

Some people have become threat to the society because they came from a broken home, some people are enduring their marriage because it was laid on a wrong foundation, some wolves in camouflage has deceived some gullible people because they lack understanding thereby denying them peace, some has fallen from grace to grass because they were ignorant of the right thing to do. Digtheword has come to heal through the word of peace.

virtually every problem has a solution irrespective of how malign it is. The persistence of problems is because the right solution has not being applied.

Digtheword brings to you the solution to the dilemmas of life and offers you the good life.

Thanks for reading about digtheword.  If there is any other thing you need to know about digtheword, please contact digtheword admin.


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